Welcome to CASDA

We are an alliance of autism organizations across Canada working for change from our Federal Government on behalf of families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders. Please take time to become familiar with our Position Paper.

Autism in Canada - National Needs Assessment Survey For Families, Adults with ASD and Professionals

CASDA is now embarking on an on-line National Needs Assessment Survey, thanks to funding from Public Health Agency Canada (PHAC). This on line survey will canvas the opinions of thousands of Canadians, from all provinces and territories. The data gathered will help support surveillance initiatives and identify existing services and service gaps, as well as provide perspectives based on factors such as regions within Canada, age of the individual with an ASD, family needs and views of the professional community.

How You Can Help

Help us reach our goal of 5000 completed surveys.  If you are an individual with ASD, a family member, caregiver, educator of someone with ASD, or a professional who works in the ASD Field, this is your chance to contribute to the foundation of a national autism plan.


Please help us spread the word.