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Canadian Autism Spectrum Disorders Alliance (CASDA) is a national coalition of autism related professionals, family members and community members. Together, we are working to secure the federal government’s commitment to the development of a National Autism Action Plan.

Autism in Canada - National Needs Assessment Survey For Families, Adults with ASD and Professionals Report

The CASDA National Needs Assessment Survey received over 5,600 completed surveys! We want to sincerely thank everyone who completed the survey and/or shared it with their networks.

After launching on World Autism Awareness day, April 2, 2014, and being live for only 3 months, the National Needs Assessment Survey for Autism in Canada has reached over 5,600 responses which is well over the targeted goal of 5,000.

This ground-breaking survey was the first of its kind in Canada. Never before have parents, families and those with ASD had a chance to speak directly to the Canadian Government and share their stories.

With the survey complete, we need members now more than ever. It is a great time to join CASDA and make history for Autism in Canada by helping to advocate for a National Autism Action Plan.